Black is the color of my true love’s hair (and everything else she’s wearing)

(I’m not saying this traditional Scottish folk song should be the new punk/goth anthem but… okay, that’s what I’m saying.)

There’s a reason why every season, the fashion-world is proclaiming, “___ is the new black!” Technically the absence or complete absorption of light, black is sharp, classic, and the perfect choice if you want to put an edge on whatever you’re wearing. Coco Chanel famously said, “A woman needs just three things; a black dress, a black sweater, and, on her arm, a man she loves.” Well-said, Coco! (Except for that last one–but that’s another can of worms).  The color black has been associated with everything morbid, from death to witchcraft. And if you’re anything like me… you dig that.

The coven just KILLIN it in their LBD's

The coven just KILLIN it in LBDs (photo credit FX/EW)

There are days when I’m ALL about the black, content to cloak myself from head to toe like I’m a Victorian housewife and I’ve just lost my rich aunt to the scarlet fever. But for those still easing their way into alternative fashion, or whose schools/workplaces/families frown upon vampire capes and sensible mesh veils, here are three clever ways you can incorporate nature’s sleekest color into your look:

ONE. Hair

Do I find it weird that we use the dead cells growing out of the follicles on our head to accessorize? Maybe a little. But nothing says “I might be capable of summoning the dead” like having the darkest hair in the room! I am currently rocking black hair, because I like combining elements of lightness and darkness in my style. My dark hair lets me play with bright colors and feminine cuts while still keeping my look edgy. Dark hair also is a healthier alternative to other colors that force you to first strip your hair of all its natural chemicals. I love Lush’s vegan, synthetic-free bath and beauty products, and their natural henna hair dye was a total score!

photo by Madison Ruff

photo by Madison Ruff

TWO. Nails

I remember the day my dad drove me to my sixth grade mixer (weird middle school lingo for cookies, lemonade, and awkward dancing). I hopped out of the car in my purple bubble-hem dress, ran into the decked-out gym, and immediately sat down in the corner to color my nails in with a black Sharpie. Ah, youthful rebellion. Nowadays I just run to the mall for my favorite black nail polish, Jet from Forever 21. It’s surprisingly opaque with just one coat while still fitting into my broke-college-student budget. Make an even bolder statement by turning your black nails matte with this top coat from Sally Hansen!


For a long time, I was afraid to wear anything but red or the occasional purple lipstick. But let me tell you, friends–black lipstick has Changed My Life. Always an attention-grabber, black lips are the perfect addition to any outfit that needs an edgy pop. Sometimes I even wear it with sweats to make me feel more like myself. Black can be hard to maintain and if it bleeds or smears, your look can turn truly tragic. I’ve tried dozens, and the only brand of black I trust to stay opaque and in place is Limecrime’s Styletto. Limecrime’s lipsticks are vegan and cruelty-free and well-worth the slightly steeper price tag. Not to mention every lipstick comes in a bright pink tube complete with holographic unicorn. They recently released a new liquid matte black… You had best bet I’m opting for express shipping on that one.

So there you have it. When you’re just not able to stick to my mantra of “if it ain’t black, put it back,” there are still ways to incorporate alternative fashion into your everyday looks! What’s your go-to black fashion staple?



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