8 College Students Bust Out Their Spring Wardrobes

I go to a small liberal arts school in New York, meaning I am positively surrounded by creative souls. Fashion is the most personal and transportable of arts, so it’s no surprise that the outfits milling around our tiny campus are usually on point. The long-awaited arrival of spring on Staten Island has only improved morale and encouraged my peers to dress to the nines!

Cherry blossoms bloom in front of Main Hall!

Say, “Bye, snow!” and “Hello, flip-flops!”

Armed with my trusty Nikon, I visited some campus hot-spots to get the low-down on the dress-up. Without further ado, here are 8 Wagner College students with their thoughts on fashion.

Mike Kain

I drag my good friend Mike out of our residence hall to nonchalantly pose in front of some flowers. Rocking a simple but colorful ensemble, Mike describes his style as “comfortable, but stylish, classy, and modern.”

Cynedra Osinaike

I see Cynedra’s trademark hair and killer outfit walking down the hill and practically sprint to her in my heels to grab a quick pic. When I ask Cynedra to describe her sense of style in three words, she looks like I’ve just asked her for the meaning of life, but friend Matthew quickly fills in: “Fashionista! Fabulous! …And bootylicious!”

Molly Barson

I catch up with Molly and as she soaks up some sun, she tells me what makes her taste in fashion unique. “I have a sort of androgynous style. I’ll wear girls’ skinny jeans with an H&M mens’ button down.”

Madison Ruff

As soon as I figure out the direction this post is going in, I text my friend Madison. First, “Where are you?” and second, “What are you wearing?” An artist and poet who’s spent time in Hong Kong, California, and New York, Madison is shy to describe her clothes but eventually settles on “whimsically wonderful.”

Deanna Lumley

“Do I have to smile? I’m not really a smiling person,” is what Deanna says when I introduce myself and pull her against a building for a quick snapshot. “Can you describe your sense of fashion in a sentence or two?” gets me a “Probably not!” but Deanna does admit: “I like to be skater-ish… but sometimes I get fancy.”

Taylor Stabler

Taylor meets up with me in between class and her internship. A double major in Anthropology and Spanish, she is a totally blissed-out soul as well the smartest, most eloquent young woman you’ll ever meet. “Today I really wanted to pretend that I was traveling or somewhere tropical… The heat lent itself to my fantasies, so I wore yellow and blue and teal. The shoes are my sister’s, because I wanted to be close to her, and this blazer is my go-to for whenever I have to go to my internship.”

Natalie Bartells

I’m almost about to head indoors when I see Natalie eating lunch on the Union patio. I ask her to name some inspirations behind her fashion, and she tells me, “I’m pretty hippy-ish. I go with whatever I feel like every day.”


Walking back to my dorm with a camera full of pictures, I spot Lena, who I have up to this point never met but whose fashion is somewhat renowned around campus. Lena is inspired daily by “sparkly, dainty things.” She describes her wardrobe as “feminine, colorful, and doll-like.”

With the school year’s end approaching, the culmination of looming deadlines and final dates can persuade you to take up a new permanent residence in sweatpants, but hopefully these 8 college style-heroes will remind you to put a spring into your step and walk out into the world looking your best!


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